Pilates Instructors

 Linsey Atis

Certified Pilates Instructor (Classical Training) |  Office Manager


Linsey Atis was born and raised in the Bay Area where she attended college at Saint Mary’s College of California. At Saint Mary’s, Linsey majored in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Human and Health Performance. Linsey studied very closely on the movement of the human body, different exercise techniques for athletes and non athletes and researched tests on nutrition and on the psychology of exercising and it’s effects on the human body. 

Linsey enrolled in a mat Pilates class on campus to hopefully find a way to relieve some of everyday body aches and stress. Quickly thereafter she became passionate about the technique and the affect it had on her mind and body in that one hour session, two times a week.

Moving to Los Angeles three years ago, Linsey came to pursue her career in the health and fitness industry and was looking for a way to connect her passion of Pilates and Kinesiology. Currently working as the Office Manager at Plumb Line, Linsey quickly became inspired by the clientele, their progress and the work ethic of all the instructors at the studio. This motivated her to complete a 480-hour classical teacher training certification through the Pilates Technique program here in Los Angeles.  Part of Linsey’s mission in teaching Pilates is to be able to help her clients see the value in quality over quantity and that consistent effort in each session can benefit tremendously, both mentally and physically. 

Somayeh Moza


Certified Pilates Instructor (PMA and PSC)  |  Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)

My greatest joy in life is to help individuals understand how their bodies move everyday and most importantly to be aware of it in order to eliminate unnecessary tension, which can lead to injuries. The connection between mind and body is of the utmost importance to me, and I focus my work on assisting clients with finding the flow and rhythm between the two. While I am a Pilates instructor to heart, I also focus on all sorts of movements that help clients to have a deeper understanding of their bodies.

I work towards to gain more knowledge in order to help my clients understand why certain changes are developing in their bodies and how they can embrace those changes and work towards a more balanced and harmonious body. Together, we figure out what works best for them.  

I no longer walk into a session with an agenda in mind since upwards of 90% of the time it goes out the window due to how a client may feel physically and mentally on that particular day. No one’s body is the same, so there is no one thing that works for every person. Every session is like a puzzle; I don’t eliminate exercises until I have tried every possible modification.

I encourage you to “Just Move.” Whether it’s Pilates, hiking, biking, walking, yoga, or playing with your dog anything that encourages you to move your body. Do your body and your mind a favor by staying active. You will be a much happier person. 

Don’t forget that your body is your first teacher; listen to it and respect its needs.

Mirea Sharifi

MFA | PMA ® Certified Pilates Teacher  

placeholderMirea Sharifi, received her BFA from the University of Arizona School of Dance in 1991. She was Assistant Director and Choreographer for the internationally acclaimed group Up with People, after touring with the group as a Dance Captain and Production Manager. She returned to the University of Arizona, working on its Capital Campaign Kickoff and earning her MFA in 2001. She served on the dance faculty at Ballet Arts until 2010 and has served on the Advisory Board of the University of Arizona School of Dance since 2015.

Mirea began her Pilates journey in 1999 with the Fletcher Program in Tucson, Arizona, where she was fortunate to learn from Kyria Sabin Waugaman, Deborah Mendoza and Pilates elder, Ron Fletcher. Intrigued by the various Pilates lineages, she subsequently studied with Pilates Master Teachers Michele Larsson (Eve Gentry), and John White (Romana Kryzanowska). Mirea is a Polestar Pilates Graduate and serves as a Mentor for students going through the program. Mirea founded and directed BodyQuest Pilates in Tucson, AZ from 2002-2017, prior to moving to Los Angeles.

Mirea has been invested in service to the greater community throughout her career. Her varied recent efforts range from promoting public health, to directing a 3000 people strong flash mob at the Tucson Meet Yourself Folklife Festival, to serving on the 2016 PMA Exam Item Writing Group. Among these, she is most proud of a Pilates program that she developed for blind and low-vision students at the Arizona State School for the Blind.

Mirea’s Motto! Movement is an essential part of life. Mindful movement will enhance your relationship with your mind, body and spirit, creating a sense of peace, comfort and awareness of your own strength and ability.